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Windshield replacement

Windshield repair is by far the most economical and ecological solution since it saves you the cost of replacing a new windshield. However, in some situations repair is not possible and the windshield must be completely changed. Adas Autoglass experts will help you. More and more vehicles today are equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems. Many of these systems include a camera installed in the top portion of the windshield to help prevent or reduce risks for the driver. When replacing windshields, Adas uses state-of-the-art technology to recalibrate these cameras according to the manufacturer’s standards, ensuring the continued reliability of the advanced driver-assistance systems. When you come to us for a windshield replacement, our technicians will take the below steps: The technician will walk you through the service of removing, replacing, and installing a new windshield. 

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) Calibration

ADAS are developed to automate, adapt, and enhance vehicle technology for safety and better driving. ADAS are proven to reduce road fatalities by minimizing human error. Safety features are designed to avoid accidents and collisions by offering technologies that alert the driver to problems, implementing safeguards, and taking control of the vehicle if necessary. Adaptive features may automate lighting, provide adaptive cruise control, assist in avoiding collisions, incorporate satellite navigation and traffic warnings, alert drivers to possible obstacles, assist in lane departure and lane centering, provide navigational assistance through smartphones, and provide other features. Our garages at the cutting edge of technology as well as our team of professionals in the field of advanced driving assistance systems, make us the number 1 solution for the calibration of advanced driving assistance systems in Montreal.

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) Calibration
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Window tinting

Tinted windows protect the occupants of your vehicle against heat and UV rays as well as against shattered glass, should you be involved in an accident. Ask our experts about the laws regulating the installation and modification of window tinting for cars and trucks.Our team specializes in tinting vehicle windows of all kinds. Whether exotic vehicles or commercial vehicles, at Adas Autoglass, we are the solution for window tinting in Montreal.

Windshield repair

Your windshield is exposed to many risk factors: motion-related vibrations, temperature variations, road conditions and heat and cold, to name a few. It comes as no surprise that they can cause glass damage every now and then. Regardless of the type of crack, act quickly. Repairs take only a few minutes and save money by eliminating costly replacement. Repairs are also safe, as the glass is never removed and the original factory seal is maintained. The development of more sophisticated tools and superior resins has enabled windshield chip repair to become an economically, environmentally, and physically sound process when properly performed by a trained professional. Come see us, and our team of professionals will be happy to inspect your windshield, give you a quick diagnosis of the damage status and carry out repairs on the spot.

Windshield Repair Montreal
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